Book Of Orbs Custom Fee and RBF settings.

Understanding Sat/Bytes to help you use custom fees and ‘replace by fee’ within the Book of Orbs Web App.

Book of Orbs offers users pretty standard options of ‘low priority’, ‘medium priority’ and ‘high priority’ when making any kind of transaction on the blockchain via its wallet available on both Android and its Web application.

To help with situations like these, here’s a quick guide on how Sat / Bytes aka mining fees - work. Here are some things to consider when setting that custom fee when none of the above presets suit:

It is important to caution that a custom fee should only be set by advanced users, as the fee for a BTC/XCP transaction is dependent on the size of that transaction — which is unknown and can also vary, depending on the user’s wallet.

However, by this logic, a fixed fee - as made by a priority preset — does not always make sense.

Depending on the size of your transaction it could be assigned either a low or high priority status, regardless of the fee you set it at. This means it could either take a while to confirm or be confirmed quickly.

The general idea is to pay more BTC the larger your transaction is, or rather parts of BTC; known as Satoshis per byte. This is where the term Sat / Byte comes from.

A Satoshi is one-millionth of a BTC.

Here’s a handy site to use to recommend a fee based off of current network traffic.

For more advanced users, options like RBF (Replace by Fee) are available for when a custom fee causes your transaction to get stuck. This will allow users to resend a transaction with a higher fee.

Note that there is a bump fee button that you can press. this will show you a UI to let you enter a higher fee and rebroadcast your transaction.

As RBF is only available in select wallet apps and via our Web App (not via Book of Orbs android), this is again, something we can only stress that advanced users do.

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